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When you're living as your authentic self, you have no competition.

Originally from Texas and a lifetime soccer player, I was in search of a safer physical outlet to match soccer's mental and physical challenge. Eventually, I found yoga and fell in love! I trained in Hatha yoga and began teaching at festivals such as Coachella and Burning Man.

I create a space for students to push their edge, to feel connected to community, to explore meditation and to simply SWEAT.  I empower my students to design and deepen their yoga practice by introducing progressive forms of movement, breath and meditation. I create a space for yogis to listen and learn from their bodies, rather than simply going (or pushing) through the motions—and to have FUN.

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‘Relational Yoga’ is a communal practice that is now growing around the world because it allows us to connect with others, just as we do with ourselves when we're 'on the mat'.

I co-create yoga workshops and retreats that offer an intentional space for authentic communication and relating, where you will experience the quality of presence and connection that we long for and thrive in as human beings.

Relational Yoga brings in an energy of consciousness, fosters lasting friendships, ignites new exploration and deepens our awareness. 


Corporate Wellness,Private Sessions & Global Retreats.

Today I teach at studios throughout Los Angeles and San Francisco. I also work with private clients, customize programs for corporations and lead retreats around the world.  You can count on me to guide you with genuine care and playfulness and introduce you to the greatest adventure, the one that lies within. 

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